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We are Renaissance Tile & Bath


“Design is an expression of taste. Taste is personal; it defines you. It is your thumbprint – that which communicates your history, your aspirations, your passion. We have an uncommon zeal for illuminating your vision, magnifying your thumbprint, helping you realize your design aspirations. We capture your unique aesthetic, making it the reality of your living space.” – David O’Neil, President


Imagine an experience where all aspects of creating a space are explored, discussed and developed. We promise a process that is enriching not transactional. At Renaissance Tile & Bath, we live the process with our clients from concept to completion. Our passionate design professionals graciously and expertly guide clients through the showroom environment, discovering materials that capture the essence of a vision. Clients can expect an uncommon approach to education and collaboration – until the space is fully realized. Our client partnerships are paramount. We forge lasting relationships. This is a testament to our extraordinary service.


We realize “hot” cools and “trends” shift. Since our beginning in 1991, Renaissance Tile & Bath has served to capture the spirit of our clients’ vision. We guide a concept to a reality that is crisp, clean and timeless. Design does not need to be outdone by design. Embellishment, for its own sake, is simply not considered. Our clients depend on us to help create a perfect marriage of luxury and simple utility to craft a signature masterpiece.

Renaissance Tile & Bath

Renaissance Tile & Bath